Humphrey has been going to Mark and Wendy’s for 3 full days a week since he was 4 months old – he is now 3. He absolutely loves going there and sits by the front door from 7.00 am just in case we forget to put him in car!!! He comes home every evening absolutely shattered from his long walk(s) and playing with all the other dogs in the fields. Wendy and Mark look after Humphrey exceptionally well -always informing you if there is an issue, and I thoroughly recommend their services. Humphrey is our second dog to go to K9 capers and I can’t fault the service that is provided.


Wendy and Mark are an absolute god send for us. We have a large black lab and when my husband’s job changed which meant he could no longer take him to work with him every day we needed to find a suitable solution. Having someone sit with him for an hour or walk him on the lead was just not going to do the trick as he is very fit and strong and needs proper exercise to wear him out. Then we found Wendy and Mark. So now, we walk him in the morning before we leave, they then pick him up around lunchtime and take him for a good hour walk off lead with his mates. He runs, sniffs and plays and has the time of his life. By the time we get in after work he has just had enough time to sleep off the afternoons exploits. It works perfectly.

Wednesday is his favourite day as he goes to Wendy and Marks home for day care. When he realises where he is going he can hardly contain himself. He jumps out of the car and is in the gate without a second glance – doesn’t even notice when we go. They have so much space for them. He spends the day causing mischief with his friends and also gets taken out for a walk with the others. He absolutely loves it and it completely wears him out!

When we go on holiday it is such a load off our mind to know he is staying with Wendy and Mark. It is like his second home. A million times better than any kennels as he is actually in a home environment and he knows it so well.

Wendy and Mark love all the dogs they look after and take care of them like they are their own which enables you to trust them implicitly. I love the fact that he is not allowed to get away with too much though as if he could he would! I cannot recommend all of their services highly enough – I don’t know what we would do without them.


“Wonderful Wendy’s walks – Paddy and Pollyanna love these walks judging by the squeals of delight every time she collects them – they come back tired which is also a big plus for me as I am out a lot of the day”

Mike Cooper

Paddy & Polly

“We have used Wendy for 2 years now and Harry and Hudson (our two boisterous flat coated retrievers) really love their walks. We have never been let down and we would recommend K9 Kapers without hesitation! ”

Richard and Simon

Hudson & Harry

“My springer spaniel is SO excited when Thursdays come around…her day with Wendy! She can’t get out of the car quick enough when we pull up in the morning and she hardly moves from her bed in the evenings due to her exercise during the day. I am 100% confident in Wendy’s care, professionalism and incredible value for money”

Jane Brown


“K9 & Kitty Kapers have been walking my dog twice a week for 2 years now. Doogie loves walking with Wendy – he always comes back well and truely pooped!!!! Wendy is totally trustworthy and flexible to fit in with your needs. She is caring and I wouldn’t have anyone else walk him”.

Sian Parker


“I have been using Wendy’s dog walking service for approx 18 months now and am delighted – I have a 5 year old Short Haired German Pointer who is boisterous and somewhat of an exuberant hooligan.

I have never heard him make so much noise as when Wendy comes to the door to collect him – well except for when it is Mark – her husband! The dog goes wild with excitement – anyone would think he never goes out!!  But it is a great comfort to know he clearly enjoys his walks.

I have found them to be 100% reliable and to date they have never not turned up when they have said they were going to.  Even in the snow when I couldn’t get my car out they called to say that as they have a 4×4 they were still going if I wanted Talli to go too – they were going tobogganing with the kids so might be more than the hour I had booked!!!  – Probably 2 hours later my dog came back exhausted having had a fantastic morning chasing toboggans.

I would not hesitate in recommending Wendy – and indeed have done, to anyone who not only wants a dog walking, but if you need someone to go to your house and let your pet out or feed them if you are out.

I am delighted to have found someone who clearly cares for Talli as much as I do – instils confidence in me as an owner that she will be able to control my dog when out and provides my dog with the fun and exercise I am unable to do whilst at work.

Thanks Wendy (and Mark!!)”

Jos and Talli


My 11 year old West Highland Terrier, Jocky, was thoroughly rejeuvenated after his stays at Wendy and Marks.  He has been boarding with them for a number of years now and used to return better behaved and more content.  When I fell ill, they came to the rescue, picking him up and caring for him as their own for prolonged periods of time.  When I sadly realised |I could no longer look after him, they took him in and he became one of the family until such time they felt a suitable family could be found.  Without doubt, I (nor Jocky) could have managed without them and we are truly indebted to them for looking after him with such kindness.  Wendy even printed off some pictures as a keepsake for me. Thank you Wendy and Mark.

E. Green


“Having recently moved to the Crowborough area we researched local dog walkers to look after our Jack Russell Terrier, Bugsy whilst we were at work. We spoke to many different people but K9 and Kitty Kapers stood out above the rest due to their professionalism and clear love of animals. There are many things that have impressed us about their dog walking services but the one thing that stood out was their desire to make Bugsy comfortable and happy. Wendy came to meet Bugsy before any formal agreement was put in place and took a lot of time consider matching Bugsy’s walking companions with other dogs that match his temperament and agility. Wendy is clearly loves animals and thoroughly enjoys looking after them. She is always punctual, is flexible when required and has built an excellent rapport with Bugsy.”

Mr & Mrs Hargreaves


Okay, so your kids are always your first worry, but your dog is a good second, wouldn’t you agree? my dog; the most precious, beautiful, fun loving rascal I have ever had.

Finding people you trust to take care of your dog can be an arduous task. Therefore I count myself among the lucky few, having found Wendy and Mark Down.

Right from the start I felt a synchronised attitude towards handling, obedience and love for my dog, Banksy.

My dog was a young, boisterous, rather large dog, but most importantly

Immediately I felt there was rapport between Banksy, Wendy and Mark. They had the right tone with him, caring, loving, but firm. They were careful about who they walked him with, matching characters, age and pace of the dogs, which was very reassuring and professional.

They didn’t simply walk Banksy; they helped me with his upbringing, kept him on the lead when I asked them to do so and were even willing to text me after every walk, to tell me it had gone fine. (I sound very controlling, but as I explained he was still a pup and the love of my life!)

Of course we are a year, nearly two years further now and I completely rely on Wendy and Mark to look after my dog. Every day they collect him promptly, rain or shine. When Banksy sees them, he is happy, enthusiastic and keen to go out with them.

I am also keen to tell you, that Banksy has spent the odd weekend at their home. (In times of dire need, when I had to suddenly leave for a weekend, Wendy and Mark are always willing to look after him, at very reasonable prices.) I can’t begin to tell you, how comforting that is, not to have to worry about your dog!

All in all, I can only praise Mark and Wendy’s commitment to my dog. I feel I can trust them, count on them and that they love my dog. They have helped Banksy turn into the loveable rogue he is and I wouldn’t want anyone else look after him.

Thanks Wendy and Mark!

Marije Field (and Banksy)


“ Our dogs, Monty the vizsla and Millie the puggle, have been boarding with Wendy and Mark for the past 7 years. Our dogs are both very active and are used to a lot of human contact. I love the fact that I never have to worry about them when we go on holiday! They love the warm family environment and the fantastic daily walks. They can socialise with other dogs, enjoy the beautiful land around the house and are content (but exhausted!) when we collect them. I am so happy with the care they receive; Mark and Wendy are efficient and friendly and I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending them. ”

Catherine Lewis

Monty & Millie